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Cooperative Housing Learning Series

ALTERPLAN is inviting coop practitioners and coop development officers of LGUs to participate a Seminar-Workshop on Financial Management and Partnering with LGUs in Coop Housing Development on October 8-10 at Ciudad Christhia, San Mateo, Rizal.  The seminar will tackle topics on the coop housing development process, the roles of coop officers in coop housing finance and financial management, and establishing cooperative-LGU partnerships in implementing housing programs and projects.

The seminar-workshop is the second activity organized for the CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING LEARNING SERIES for 2008 that aims to provide unique opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, share experiences, and gain relevant knowledge that could contribute to the improved governance of housing cooperatives and other self-help organizations with housing projects.  The series will provide LGU's coop development officers, cooperative officers and managers with greater exposure, as well as venues to discuss critical issues and discover solutions and approaches with other stakeholders.

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The Learning Series was successfully launched with the conduct of the Co-op Housing Finance Generation Seminar-Workshop at the Bohol Tropics Resort in Tagbilaran City last June 26 to 28. The participants came from primary cooperatives and LGU coop development offices.

The resource persons were Arch. Sarah Redoblado, ALTERPLAN’s Executive Director who sets the tone of the seminar-workshop by discussing ”The Co-op Identity and Finance Generation for Housing“; Danny Consuegra, the General Manager of NSHC who presented his co-op’s experiences in making critical decisions focus on key concerns like financing and project location; and Prof. Elenita Mantalaba, an associate professor of the College of Cooperatives in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who presented the financing facilities for co-operatives with housing projects. The seminar-workshop ended with each participant’s drawing up of a plan related to financing recommendations for their respective cooperatives.

February 2008 - April 2008

Comparative Case Studies of Contracted and Financing Arrangements for Usufruct in Socialized Housing Implemented by Local Governments in the National Capital Region

ALTERPLAN has been awarded a small research grant by the Philippines-Australia Land Administration and Management Project (PA-LAMP), a development project funded by the Australian Agency for International Development and administered by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to implement a study on usufruct arrangements in urban settings.

The research project seeks to contribute to greater application of usufruct as a framework for securing land tenure for socialized housing. It will highlight effective practices of usufruct that LGUs could adopt. It also aims to identify the limitations of current arrangements in providing such.

Specifically, the study will make a comparative study of contractual and financing schemes of socialized housing projects in NCR identified by LGUs as employing usufruct arrangements. The tentative list currently includes only the cities of Las Piñas, Manila, Muntinlupa, and Taguig where responsible LGU personnel were able to state that their respective local governments employ usufruct arrangements.

July 2007

Proyekto ng ALMANOVA/CB para sa Alternatibong Pabahay
(ALMANOVA/CB Alternative Housing Project)

The Alyansa ng Maralita sa Novaliches/Consultative Body (ALMANOVA/CB) is a federation of community associations in the Quezon City barangays of Sauyo and Bagbag. With a membership of more than 5,000 families, ALMANOVA/CB is preparing to face the upcoming development of Circumferential Road 5 or C5 Project, which will cut through settlements of the federation’s member organizations. In a resolution on June 30, 2007, the federation selected ALTERPLAN as its Consultant for developing the technical studies preparatory to the voluntary relocation that ALMANOVA/CB will undertake. With assistance from ALTERPLAN, the federation will continue in its negotiations with the Development Bank of the Philippines and the local government of Quezon City for the resource requirements of the alternative housing project.

July 2007 - June 2008

Building on OSY Training for Enhanced Job Security And Professionalization of the Construction Sector

ALTERPLAN is now in phase 2 of its out-of-school youth training project with Consuelo Foundation’s commitment for Building on OSY Training for Enhanced Job Security and Professionalization of the Construction Sector. This is a one-year extension of the recently completed project of ALTERPLAN in association with the Habitat for Humanity Philippines, called Building Trades Training in Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao. The Memorandum of Agreement for the project was signed on June 19, 2007 by the Consuelo Foundation - Philippine Branch (CFPB) and ALTERPLAN. CFPB is a foundation established to initiate, organize and maintain projects specifically aimed at the instruction, training, development, assistance and protection of the children and youth of the Philippines. The agreement is funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) through the International Youth Foundation (IYF).

The project extension seeks to continue providing quality training and links to employment for 300 out-of-school youth in Mindanao. An additional 300 out-of-school youth are expected to participate and benefit from the replication of the civil trades training activities in the Luzon and Visayas regions.            

For the first time in ALTERPLAN’s training project, female trainees will be provided for in the course design. A ladderized training program will be developed for the continuing education and upgrading of skills of the OSY and other construction workers. The project will also seek to consolidate a cadre of trainers who will be capable of providing mentoring to OSY during on-the-job training, apprenticeship and initial employment. ALTERPLAN and HABITAT are discussing with other stakeholders ways of establishing and strengthening a tracking and job placement system for the training graduates.

For an article on Education and Employment Alliance Newsletter of the USAID and the International Youth Foundation, click here.


Recently Completed Projects

April 2006 - April 2007

Building Trades Training in Conflict-Affected Areas in Mindanao

ALTERPLAN recently completed this project on behalf of the Education and Employment Alliance (EEA) of the Philippine's based Consuelo Foundation.  Over nine months, participating youth aged 17-24 years learned everything from the basic civil trades to innovative building system techniques developed to improve housing affordability.  Having completed the training, these youth now form a pool of skilled workers with all of the required expertise to build a simple but adequate house.  Even more importantly, in addition to learning technical skills, participants learned life skills to aid them in rebuilding the social networks and support systems of communities destroyed by armed-conflict.

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Read an article about the project published in the Mindanao Inquirer on November 12, 2006

Click here to read a concept paper about the actual results of this project and the interest for replication that it generated among development groups at the national and international levels.

April 2006 - March 2007

Local Government Barangay Level Monitoring System Development: Measuring Target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals 

The project was initiated with a grant from the European Union-Philippines Small Projects Facility.  The project adapts the design and promotes the use of the UN-Habitat indicators for measuring Target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals at the barangay level.  Target 11 is: Achieve significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020.  The project provided a foundation for an unambiguous measured analysis of the urban environment and general quality of life of informal settlers in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. 

The barangay is the grassroots level of local government in the Philippines and is usually the scale at which shelter and urban development initiatives are located. A vital goal of the project was to embed the monitoring mechanisms into the local government machinery; making it not a one-time effort, but a cyclic process. The first cycle drew a specific figure of the current status of shelter and environment related issues, often inexistent at this level. This new data was immediately useful in targeting development priorities; while later on, it will also serve as a baseline for evaluating the success of policies and projects. Public dissemination of this data should also help in rendering local governments accountable to civil society.

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January 2007

Forum of the Framework-Building for Investigation of Local Government Settlement Planning Responses to Disaster Mitigation Project

Four speakers invited by ALTERPLAN were invited at this forum adressed to LGU officials and NGO members. The project aims to eventually build a theoretical framework for the investigation of settlement planning measures by local governments that address the occurrence of "natural disasters" resulting in great loss of life. The project springs from ALTERPLAN’s interest in the livability of settlements, which should include a reasonable degree of safety from naturally occurring phenomena such as landslides, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic activities.

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November - December 2006

Facilitating Youth Employability In Housing, Guimarras

This project was initiated with funding from the International Labor Organization (ILO) which were interested in the strategy used by ALTERPLAN and Habitat for Humanity - Philippines in the "Building Trades Training in Conflict-Affected Regions of Mindanao." The island of Guimarras, in the Visayas had recently suffered from a major oil spill affecting strongly its coasts and its fishing industry.

The target population of this construction training project was constituted of out-of-school, unemployed, un-qualified youth between the ages of 17-30 years old. The majority of them coming from the coastal municipalities that were most affected by the disaster. 50 participants were selected for academic and practical training on the neighbouring island of Cebu were Habitat for Humanity was building a number of houses. At the end of the project, these young builders pass the TESDA competences test and are already considered skilled workers in the construction industry.

Click here for more information on the mother project in Mindanao.

Click here for an article of the project.

July - August 2006

Capacity Building Seminars for Board Members and Partners of the National Saving and Homes Coop (NSHC), Cebu City

Sarah Redoblado, executive director of ALTERPLAN, was invited by NSHC to conduct seminars adressed at their board members, primary NGOs and housing coops. Other participating speakers for the second seminar were Prof. Elen Mantalaba of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - College of Cooperatives to deliver the financing topic; and, Judge Ruben Corpuz, a pioneer member of the SLU-SVP housing cooperative, for the legal aspects. After the series, NSHC’s officers and directors shall have an appreciation of specialized knowledge and skills in housing, which will enable them to enhance the governance and performance of NSHC

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October 2004 - 2005

SAFRAGEMC - Technical Assistance for Project Planning, Feasibility, and Fund Sourcing

ALTERPLAN provides technical assistance for project planning, feasibility, and fund sourcing to the San Francisco government employees multi-purpose cooperative (SAFRAGEMC) to implement the second stage of phased land development and house construction. The total land area targeted for complete site development in 2006 is 5.6 hectares, enough for 170 co-op members.  SAFRAGEMC is located in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur.


October 2003 – January 2006

Management of a Low-Cost Housing Development in Quezon City for Sponsored Families of Children International. 

This service contract was to provide project management from planning, construction, and documentation, to distribution of subdivided titles to 85 low-income families.  

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July 2005

Assessment Mission in Aceh Province, Indonesia

To assist in assessing the situation of post-tsunami and post-earthquake Aceh and Nias islands and, based on the assessment, to advise on the proposed housing and reconstruction plans. 

Organized by Rooftops Canada/Abri International for the Canadian Red Cross (CRC).

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October - December 2005

Resource Speaker for LGU Officials and Cooperative Practitioners

In the last quarter of 2005, Sarah Redoblado was a resource speaker at trainings organized for local government officials, and at a post-baccalaureate course for cooperative practitioners. The trainings for local government officials were organized by the City Development Strategies project of the League of Cities of the Philippines, and by the Local Government Finance and Development Project for Project Packaging Workshops. The post-baccalaureate lecture at the PUP-Institute of Cooperatives focused on cooperative housing.

February 2004 - March 2005

Upscaling Urban Poor Community Renewal Scheme

Management of the Study Tour and Community Exchange Sub-component of the project. For the Partnership for Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA) funded by the Japan Social Development Fund / World Bank. The sub-component brings together participants from NGOs, community associations, and local government units of the five participating cities to learn and observe from selected community upgrading projects in NCR and Cebu. 

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February 2003 – January 2004

Monitoring of Habitat for Humanity-Philippines Medium-rise Housing Project in Taguig

A consultancy service to assist Habitat in managing, periodically assessing and improving the compliance of the on-going development to the plans laid out as to schedule, budget, quality and social development aspects. The completed project will total 108 units in nine three-storey buildings.  Alterplan submitted its final report in early 2004. 

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November 2004 - Ongoing


This is an ongoing project initiated in November 2004 by ALTERPLAN and Canadian interns sponsored by Rooftops Canada/CIDA.  The project involves research, survey data collection, and capacity building for the adaptation of the UN-Habitat development indicators in project planning and implementation of NGO-led shelter initiatives.  More recently, the resources already developed were integrated in the MDG Target 11 Monitoring System Development project which constitutes a great move forward in integrating human development progress monitoring in the local gorvernments programs. Earlier, participating project sites included Habitat for Humanity in Taguig NCR, Children International housing project in Quezon City NCR, and SAFRAGEMC Village in Agusan del Sur, Mindanao.

Click here for more information on the earlier stages of this project.