November 2016 – January 2017

Urban programming strategy development, for Save the Children in the Philippines.

April – June 2013

Budget research on addressing the situation and needs of informal settler families on and along waterways, contracted by PHILSSA in line with the network’s engagements with the National Housing Authority (NHA).

April 2009 – March 2012

Participation in the PHILSSA project Institutionalizing Local and National Partnerships to Address Urban Poverty and Homelessness. ALTERPLAN’s participation includes conducting research and capacity-building activities for budget monitoring and advocacy, agenda-setting for housing and urban development in Quezon City, and capacity-building for Disaster Risk Reduction.

February 2008 - April 2008

Comparative Case Studies of Contracted and Financing Arrangements for Usufruct in Socialized Housing Implemented by Local Governments in the National Capital Region, a small research grant awarded by the Philippines-Australia Land Administration and Management Project (PA-LAMP) to implement a study on usufruct arrangements in urban settings. The research project seeks to contribute to greater application of usufruct as a framework for securing land tenure for socialized housing. It will highlight effective practices of usufruct that LGUs could adopt.

May – August 2003

Squatter Syndicates Through the Eyes of Informal Settlers, a study conducted for the research component administered by Institute for Church and Social Issues for the Land Administration and Management Project of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the World Bank.


Environmental Indicators for Housing Design and Settlements Planning, a project supported by the Urban Research Consortium, undertaken jointly with the University of the Philippines - Center for Integrative Development Studies (UP-CIDS) to develop land use and housing benchmarks for effective household and community level solid waste management

April – July 2000

Development of a Training-Workshop Module for Gender-Sensitive Design, supported by Rooftops-Canada

February – July 2000

Training Needs Analysis for NGOs and POs Involved in Local Development Planning, supported by the Urban Research Consortium (URC)


Environmental Scanning for Selected NCR Cities/Municipalities, for the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)


Study on the conditions that make medium-rise buildings (MRBs) appropriate higher density housing solutions, supported by the Urban Research Consortium


Research on a Sustainable Fiscal Model for Various Sectors Involved in Social Housing in Muntinlupa City, for PBSP


Participation in a Steering Committee, together with CFPI and Cooperative Union of the Philippines (CUP), formed to develop NHA’s program for cooperative housing; Participation as resource persons in NHA staff development trainings


Framework-building for women in relation to the built environment, supported by DIWATA

Policy research for agrarian and aquatic reform and agricultural development for Regeneration-Philippines, Inc. (RPI), supported by the Department of Agriculture - Dutch Countervalue Fund Program


Development of cooperative housing program for NGO-CCD; Organizing of housing cooperative for NGO-CCD members

Training Needs Assessment for Cooperative Housing, Sacred Heart Novitiate, Novaliches, Quezon City, supported by PCHRD


Development of Rapid Appraisal (RA) as a technique for participatory research in the urban context, supported by PCHRD


Development of cooperative housing concepts; Study of existing housing cooperatives; Preparation of a cooperative housing sourcebook; Organizing of housing cooperative for CFPI and PRRM staff; Study on the feasibility of transport cooperatives for the workers’ sector, for CFPI

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