We recently decided to upload on our website some of the resources we produce at ALTERPLAN during our projects. However, since many documents are not archived in electronic format, this page will never be a complete inventory of the resources available for dissemination at ALTERPLAN.

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April 2006 - March 2007

Local Government Barangay Level Monitoring System Development: Measuring Target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals 

The project adapts the design and promotes the use of the UN-Habitat indicators for measuring Target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals at the barangay level.  Target 11 is: Achieve significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020.  The project provided a foundation for an unambiguous measured analysis of the urban environment and general quality of life of informal settlers in the National Capital Region of the Philippines.

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January 2007

Forum of the Framework-Building for Investigation of Local Government Settlement Planning Responses to Disaster Mitigation Project

Four speakers invited by ALTERPLAN were invited at this forum adressed to LGU officials and NGO members. The project aims to eventually build a theoretical framework for the investigation of settlement planning measures by local governments that address the occurrence of "natural disasters" resulting in great loss of life. The project springs from ALTERPLAN’s interest in the livability of settlements, which should include a reasonable degree of safety from naturally occurring phenomena such as landslides, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic activities.

The project is focusing this proposal on local governments and their primary role, among the levels and units of government, to shape the physical development of their territories. The project seeks to make an initial investigation of how local governments are able or not able to make use of planning and development information and technology to protect their constituents from naturally occurring phenomena.

Several papers were presented during the forum to explore various aspects of the above topic. Invited speakers were M. Aurelio from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau; Dr. Marqueza L. Reyes from the Department of Geography of the University of the Philippines; Professor Ernesto M. Serote from the School of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of the Philippines; and, Dr. Emmanuel M. Luna, Managing Director  of the Center for Disaster Preparedness Foundation  and professor at the University of the Philippines.

The audience numbered around fifty, and was made up mostly of NGO and NGO network representatives, but were also invited representatives of NCR city governments and LGU networks such as the League of Cities or the League of Municipalities.

The NGO network that sponsored this forum, the Partnership for Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA), wishes to see its NGO members cooperating with local governments in long-term settlements planning strategies that would contribute to disaster mitigation. These strategies may be in the form of legislation, analytical techniques or community responses. We hope that this forum stimulates more action in this area in the NGO community.

Download the papers presented by the speakers at this forum.

Toward Geohazard-Sensitive HumanSettlements: A Framework for Analysis, Planning and Policy Making

SEROTE, Ernesto M.

Mainstreaming Community-Based Disaster Risk Management In Local Development Planning

LUNA, Emmanuel M.

Risk-Sensitive Land Use Planning Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction in the Practice and Process of Land Use Planning

REYES, Marquesa L. 

Geological Hazards Mapping Program of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau: an institutional approach to hazard mitigation




Property, Patrimony & Territory: Foundations of Land Use in the Philippines

SEROTE, Ernesto M.

Published by the School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines.  2004. 

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A Framework for Women and the Built Environment

GONZALES, Anna Maria; REDOBLADO, Sarah.    

Published by the DIWATA Foundation. 1992.  

Balay Koop I: A Cooperative Housing Sourcebook

REDOBLADO, Sarah; GONZALES, Anna Maria; DOMINGO, Maria Lourdes. 

Published by Cooperative Foundation Philippines Inc. 1991.